Friday, December 30, 2005


More pics of Liam at 7 months!
Liam isn't into crawling, rolling or anything that may allow him to move. He is happy balancing on him tummy, or laying on his back kicking!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


THANK YOU MICAH for my new toy!! I love it! It tastes really yummy too!

Cassidy recieved a new vanity for christmas, and here a is a pic of Aidan enjoying it while Cassi is sleeping. I snuck up on him to take these. He had no idea I was watching him! He is concentrating very hard on painting his nails!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

more pics from Christmas!

Christmas was spent at a friends house this year, rather then the normal one at my parents. They had a fire last week which cauzed alot of damage, as you can see. They whole house is now empty and being cleaned and restored. These are just a couple a pics to show the damage. But everyone is safe and ok!

Cassidy is helping Granny in the kitchen!! She is quite the cook!

Aidan is sporting Grandpas snowmobile helmet (one of the things that made it out of the fire!!)

We were able to spend some more time with our miracle cousin/nephew Noah. To learn more about this little guy, check out


Cassidy and cousin Josh look on as Aidan goes for a snowmobile ride with Grandpa!

Crazy Chrismas, get togethers, fires and gifts, gifts and more gifts. We are still in the mists of Christmas Kaos, trying to find time to slow down. Family's are doing great and all the kids are happy/grumpy/tired/etc. what else is new?

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The great outdoors!

We have had some super nice weather and here are the kids enjoying the great outdoors!! We have been busy trying to sell our house so this day we had a showing and I sent the kids out to play to keep the house clean!! Aidan really likes his brand new RED sled!

Seven months already!

Liam will be SEVEN months this weekend! Here he
now!! and here he is on May 26, 2005! only minutes old!

everyday life!

Story time!

I love pizza!!!

Christmas is coming!!!

here is Liam, finally sitting up on his own!! He is terribly exciting about it too!

Aidan and his "mean" face. (mommy and daddy don't really like it!)

Here is the latest pic of Cassidy and Aidan by the Christmas tree. Cassidy is wearing her "princess" dress, which she loves! They are very exciting about christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2005

From Steve, Erin, Aidan, Cassidy and Liam