Monday, March 26, 2007


We hit a HUGE milestone yesterday. Liam hates going to nursery at church. We decided it was time he moved to the 18 month and toddler room and thought that might help. Last week was his first week, and he didn't last long.

This week he stayed the WHOLE time. Our number didn't come up once to get him. He only started to cry when Steve picked him up, kind of 'mad' at him for leaving him. We went to the first service in the morning so I think it was a better and happier time for him. The later service gets in the way of his lunch and nap.

Praise God and we continue to pray this is sign of good things to come!

As for other Liam news, we will be starting potty training very soon. Probably next week. I think he will be easy to train at night. He is already dry when he wakes up.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday is here, which brings us to the end of another busy week. This week was packed full of stuff like usual. Steve was working morning shifts this week which was really nice. We also found out his set shift will be 6 am to 2 pm instead of 9-5. We are excited about this because it is early enough for him to have lots of day left and late enough for him to take the first morning bus to work. I like having him home at 2 so I can go running in the afternoon with no kids!

Monday morning Liam had his hearing tests. He has never passed his ear tests until now. They said everything looks good and said he may have been plugged up the last times which cauzed him to fail. So we will have follow up testing in a year just to make sure.

Next week is spring break which means no school for Aidan. I think it will be a long week for him since he always looks forward to those mornings. We have no big plans except going to Granny and Grandpas farm on the weekend to celebrate an early easter.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

back to normal

I haven't updated my blog for a few days. Mainly because it has been crazy here!!! Cassidy decided to get sick on wensday night and it lasted till friday night. She was so sick I was rather worried, but she kept drinking fluids. Finally yesterday morning she felt good enough to eat. So I think this bug has passed us, or so I pray it has. I felt sick on thursday but kept praying for it to go away because I knew I would be useless with the kids.
Late friday night Steve got home. The kids were all up early excited to see him on saturday morning. We are all very glad to have him home.
We had some good friends from Brandon stop by in the afternoon and that was nice to catch up with them a bit. (Mark and Allison McEwing) Then we went bowling with Sherri, Denis, Julie and Ashton and over there for supper. This was the first time the kids had been bowling. Liam didn't bowl since he is to young and was difficult there, he just wanted to throw all the balls himself. But we all had a fun time

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

day #3. . . .

Today is Day #3. Two more days till Steve is home. Yesterday of all days, Liam decided to get sick. Now my kids have been super healthy and I am sure it has something to do with the flu shot they got. They haven't had any colds or flus since summer.
Liam started puking and it ended all day and all night. This morning his bum was so sore from the runs that he has been cranky all day. I am sick of washing bedding and clothes and everything else that has been covered in puke.
It was again a beautiful day outside. When Liam had a nap, we went out so we could put out the garbage and recycling for the next day. So much snow has melted that we found there sand box and they spent a long time playing in there.

It is now lunch time and it seems he has his appitite back. He ate most of his lunch and will be going to bed shortly. But still hasn't been quite himself.
Also, Aidan's teacher talked to me yesterday after school about Aidan. It seems he has turned into quite the ladies man. I guess him and a certain girl have really hit it off and you can not tear them apart. He talks about this 'Julia' every day at home. His teacher said it isn't out of hand but she tries to seperate them every once in a while. I think it is all innocent and cute.
Today we took down all the Fisher Price little people toys and set them up around the living room. The kids love these toys, especially when they can set them up as a little town. It kept them occupied for a while until Aidan's 'Tornado' decided to destroy it.

The rest of the day I think we will stick close to home. With Liam being cranky he is really clingy and I don't want to take him out when he is still feeling rotten. Tomorow Aidan has school and we have moms group so I pray Liam is better by then!
Steve comes home friday night, I don't know if I mentioned this before but he is gone one week every month for the next six months. I am not happy about this arrangment and we may join him one of those times.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Single Parent Day #1

Yesterday afternoon we put Steve on his plane and he arrived in Calgary later that evening.
Today was a long, exhausting day. I can hardly wait till bedtime. We had several different erands to run, one which was picking up some pictures I had ordered from Costco and heading to Dollarama for some craft stuff to keep the kids busy.
While in dollerama, I spotted these adorable wooden decorations. They were 4 in a pack for a buck and so I put them in Cassidy's room.

The boys already had the same idea in there room but i paid more for them at Micheals.

We also bought some stuff to make necklaces and keychains. Here is the end result.

We also went to Calvin Christian School for our interview. This is just part of the application process. We were given a tour of the kindergarten room. It reminded me SO much of Aidan's old preschool in Brandon. There also looked like WAY more things to do then his current preschool. He was so excited and wanted to stay and play a bit. In June he gets to go for a morning to try it out.

We also registered Aidan for Soccer last weekend. He will start the first week in May. I think he needs this to release some of his energy.

Today was also the warmest day yet! I think we hit about 8 degrees or so, could be higher, this is just what our thermostat read. It was nice to be able to go out in sweaters and feel the warm sunshine. The snow is melting like crazy which makes it really sluggish outside.

Tomorow we have a busy morning. Aidan has school at nine and I am sure it will be rushed getting them out the door. They have been sleeping in since the time change and I think tomorow I may have to wake them up to get ready.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Aidan Patrick

Friday, March 09, 2007

Another week has flown by. Steve was back to work on monday working an early morning shift. It was nice having him home so early in the afternoon. He also found out monday that he has to fly to Calgary for training. This is a bummer since he will be gone sunday to friday but I guess we will survive. Work pays him at least.

I think the week after he is home I will start potty training Liam. I know he is ready but have been putting it off since I like to commit all my time and energy to him for a week.

Here is a picture of the kids being silly on our bed.

As for other news, I have decided along with two other girls to run the manitoba marathon. Actually not the full one, just the half 13.1 mile one. One of them lives close to me so we plan to do alot of running together and run one big run a week with all three of us.

Not much else is new in our neck of the woods. The kids are very anxious for summer to come. Aidan keeps asking when we can go to the park across the street to bike. He wants daddy to shovel off all of the sidewalks so he can ride his bike. We are a bit concerned about all this snow when it melts and pray that all the landscaping we did with this house will prevent any water seeping in the basement.
The kids this morning have also been asking about going camping. I hope that we can do alot more this summer and since Liam is older it should be easier. Our trailer is probably sitting under a couple feet of snow at my parents place right now so we will see how well it lasted the winter.
We are finally getting in the positive side of the temperatures and it will soon or maybe I am just hopeful, time to pack away the winter gear and pull out the rubber boots. I think everyone is anxious for spring after this rough winter.

Monday, March 05, 2007

March, finally

Wow! Is it March already? Hard to believe since we got dumped with some more snow. Thankgoodness the warm weather has remained though.
Friday we made a real quick decision to go to Brandon for the weekend. We were planning to this weekend but after a phone call from our renters, we knew we needed to head out so Steve could shovel off our Brandon house roof.
So we watched the internet to see if they would open the trans canada, since it was closed. As soon as they opened we headed out. A two hour drive turned into a four hour one. The amount of cars in the ditch prooved the roads probably weren't too safe. There was a semi accident right if front of us. They would let no one through and we sat there for 45 minutes. Thankgoodness the kids were entertained and didn't fuss too much. But we got to Brandon safetly. Aidan, our little boy of faith prayed to God for our safe travels.
On another note, Aidan and Cassidy have really embraced everything to do with God and Jesus lately. It is rather encouraging to hear there conversations and there understanding. Cassidy on the way to Brandon saw the sunset and let us know God was pushing away the clouds and painting a picture.
Our quick trip to Brandon was good. The kids had fun playing with Grandma and Grandpa. We drove around the city to see what was new. We had not been there for five months. Steve did some work on our house there and sunday we went to our old church.
Before we headed out, the kids spent the morning at the library. Steve takes them often because he is really into Manitoba history and likes getting new history books. Then they played outside in there snow castle.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

It is thursday, Steve's vacations are coming to an end and he will be back to work monday morning. The two weeks sure flew by fast and I am not sure he accomplished all he wish too. The kids have enjoyed having all the time with him and will probably find it hard next week when they wake up and daddy is already gone to work.

Here are some pictures of the kids hands that we had fun doing.