Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas parties already?

It has been another crazy few weeks. The christmas festivites have begun and we are defiantly getting into the holiday spirit.
This past weekend we took in the Canada post christmas party. They had food, games, inflatables and presents for the kids. The kids even had a picture with Santa.
Liam was rather disappointed when he opened his present because it wasn't mickey mouse. Check out his expression in the picture
But......he has played with these blocks every day since and it has provided him with more entertianment then any toy he has.

Liam showing off his 'micky mouse' ear balloon hat.

We left the party early to head to Ashton's birthday party at fun fx. The kids had a blast here

I have been extremely busy with photos and christmas card orders. I look forward to things slowing down a bit in the new year. I am a little hesitant with how things will go since my price list got completely revamped. I just hope people understand the amount of time that goes into editing and the sessions and that I can't afford to be giving them the discs with images anymore.
This morning we signed off our Brandon house with the lawyers. He gave us a time line of aprox. up to 30 days till we see the money so hopefully it is sooner then later. Steve is heading out to Brandon this weekend since the posession of the house is on monday.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my new site

yes I know, i haven't posted in a long time. I have been terribly busy and here is why.

take a look, tell me what you think! Business has been fantastic and I feel like I have come a very long way since I started!

We decorated both christmas trees, I am done christmas shopping and the festivities are beginning to start. This weekend we are off to our first christmas party and the kids couldn't be more excited.

We are also VERY anxious for our house money since our van is in pretty rough shape. The heat is now not working properly. Not great with the chilly temperatures! So we are praying that we will see money sooner then later and everything will fall into place.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last thursday I took Cassidy to the Childrens Hospital to visit Noah and Nichole. Noah was looking quite good but you could tell he wasn't his regular self. Cassidy enjoyed her visit and has been talking about it ever since. Continue to pray for him, and the family as they continue to try new things and feel as there often is no end in site.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Really? Its November? Hard to believe when the temp hit +18 degrees celcius yesterday. Today it was almost as nice. We have been enjoying this heat way yet I hear winter is just around the corner in the next few days.
I usually set up my Christmas tree the first week of November, although I am not very inspired when it is still sandle weather and it feels more like september then November. I think it may be a while before we pull out the christmas decorations.
The kids have enjoyed this warm weather. We enjoyed the Boo at the Zoo, as well as trick or treating at the mall.

Liam was very excited to have a dress up party at his preschool. Aidan and Cassidy didn't have school. They had parent teacher interviews that day. Cassidy is doing well, her teachers only concern is that she often rushes to much and needs to slow down when she does her school work. Aidans teacher and I discussed the reading concerns I was already aware of. He is going to be joining a special reading program which gives him extra one on one time when it comes to reading.
Here is Liam already to head out to his party.

Liam at his preschool party.