Monday, January 26, 2009

Another busy week here!

This is what happened since last post, in random order!

*Aidan had his birthday party with 10 boys and 2 girls! We played monster trucks and bowling on wii, had a pinata, ate icecream and just played. I honestly haven't even looked through those pictures, I didn't take too many since I was so busy keeping things moving.

*We enjoyed some beutiful spring weather, the snow was melting and we walked to school everday....unfortuantly, the temperature is back to bitterly cold.

*We went sledding with the kiddos!

*Steve picked up my new treadmill and I LOVE it! I love all the programs and the inclines and the fact I don't have to put on ten layers of clothing to run outside.

*Steve and I dressed up fancy and went to the Calvin Christian fundraiser banquet. We brought a couple from small group and we had lots of fun and ate good food. I had donated a photography package in the silent auction and it went over much better then I had anticipated.

*During the banquet, the kids got to sleep over at there cousins!

*I had a puppy in my studio for the first time, and now I want a dog!

*Aidan got 100% on his spelling test!

*I unlocked snowboarding on wii fit (and suck at it!)

*Aidan started skating every day for gym at school.

*Steve painted our basment white. NO more ugly dark walls. Next step, new carpet, then drywall my future permanent studio.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Aidan

Wow, what another crazy week. First of all, my 40D arrived safetly home and it works perfectly. Second, I had the most awesome day on saturday. Two girlfriends and I spent the entire day at the Clarion Spa. We enjoyed tons of time in the hot tub, mineral spa, eating, chatting, pedicures, an eyebrow tint, and most of all a wonderful break from the kids.

Aidan celebrated his 7th birthday on wensday! So hard to believe he is seven years old.
Sunday my parents stopped in before there trip down south. Aidan was excited to get a john deer combine and some real hay bales to add to his collection.

When Aidan arrived home from school on wensday he was allowed to open his gifts.
He was thrilled and we have all spent many hours together playing Wii. I recently scored a good deal on wii fit and that has only added to our addiction.

Here is Liam bowling. Check out his Mii! Love the glasses hey?

Aidan has his party tomorow. We plan on playing wii, having ice cream sundays and of course a pinata! We will have 12 kids over which is a few less then last year but will still be a house full. Aidan has been counting down the sleeps since Christmas.
It has also been very cold here, chilling cold. I have yet to remember a winter that has been as cold as this one. I am still faithfully running outside but I have to admit it has been very hard these last few weeks. We did find a good deal on a treadmill but it had to be ordered and won't be here for another week, and then it will probably warm up!
Business has slowed down, which has been relaxing. It was good to have some time to get organized, plus my 40D was gone for a bit. I am back at it next weekend and am currently booking Feb/March.
I have some more pics of the kids up on my photoblog if you wanna look.

Friday, January 09, 2009

I had planned on posting some christmas pics but since my laptop had to be completed reformated because of a virus, all my pictures are now on discs and my laptop is completely cleaned out. Thankgoodness Steve was able to get it running. We invested in some good antivirus software because I am sick and tired of virues!
We are anxiously anticipating Aidan's birthday party. He turns the big SEVEN next week. So hard to believe it was 7 years ago. Since we splurged at Cassidys birthday for her camera, we splurged even more for Aidan and I got a great deal on a WII This is something he LOVED at his grandparents place and we had been thinking of getting some kind of game system for the family for a while. My mission is for this to be a reading and homework incentive, in other words he can not play unless he has done his reading and site words for the day. I really hope it will help him stay motivated about learning. Steve also picked him up a racing wheel and a monster truck game for it so I am sure he will be thrilled. He will be having his friend party on saturday and he is extremely excited.

It is such a relief to have the kids back in school. I am so glad to be back to regular schedule and although I still have had some photoshoots, business is defiantly slower then before Christmas which is ALOT more managable. My 40D camera is also on its way home from being fixed and I am so excited to have it back in my hands.
Anyways, I will post photos again soon, don't worry! Hopeing purulator is at my doorstep soon with my 40D.