Sunday, August 27, 2006

my baby was 15 months old yesterday. . . .

We took some pictures to celebrate the event!

saturday at the forks. . .

Steve had yesterday off so we headed down to the Forks. The kids love going here, mainly because we have a season pass to the Childrens musuem. Unfortuantly, we didn't hit the museum becuase Cassidy ended up getting sick and cutting our trip short but they still had fun.

The kids had fun on the riverwalk. It was a beautiful day, not scorching hot like it has been.

Inside the 'explore manitoba' building where the kids got attacked by a big polarbear. you can tell how scared they are on there faces.

Liam just ran around like a mad man. He hates his stroller or being held now that he can run on his own two feet.

Monday, August 21, 2006

summer is almost done. . .

another weekend has gone by. Hard to believe summer is so close to being done. We feel as though so much has happened in the past few months. Steve started his two week stretch of training last week. He wishes he would have had this when he started this new position but at least he is learning now. He is learning all the perks and downfalls of the job but I guess that just comes with the line of work. We also have finished seeding all the grass on our yard. We want to have the yard finished before winter becuase it looks as though we will sell early spring. With the market the way it is, we should still make a good chunk of money even though we have not been here long so we can finally buy the house we stay in for a long time.
Sept. 4 we head out to Edmonton for a time of relaxing and fun before Aidan starts school the following week.. The only big plans we have there are West Edmonton mall and of course Ikea.
Liam's vocabulary has started to expand. He says momma, dadda, Cass, Aidan, cracker, upstairs, outside, etc. . . . And the know ones are 'here ya go' and 'thank you' He is trying to say alot of other single words although they still sound pretty jibberish to me. He loves to babble though.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

15 months old

Liam will soon be 15 months old. Hard to believe he has grown up so fast. He is developing quite the personality but for the most party is rather content. He is attached to his siblings. He wants to be wherever they are at all times and watches there every move and action. He is much happier now that he can run after them yet has a hard time keeping up. Liam says thank you for the new hat (belated birthday gift) from his cousin Micah.

Monday, August 14, 2006

tinkertown again. . .

We took a trip to tinkertown again last week. The weather was hot but the kids still enjoyed themselves. Liam even sat well in his stroller the entire time. Liam is now running everywhere and much happier knowing how to walk on his own two feet.

Steve's new position is going well so far. He is struggling with the fact of being 'good' enough for the position and is constantly reminded that he can do all things through Christ. This last weekend was his first by himself (he had a guy in there training him before) and it sounds as though things went pretty well. He starts school on thursday for the next week and a half for supervisor training. We have postponed our Edmonton trip planned for next week till Sept. 4. I am busy selling stuff on ebay to have some ikea spending money!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Friday, August 11, 2006

back to the dentist

So today, after 7 years, I went back to the dentist. Yes I know I should not have waited this long but we never had dental coverage until now. We have been too busy spending hundreds of dollars on Aidan's mouth to worry about our own teeth but yesterday when my back tooth started throbbing, I knew that something had to be done.
So I get to the Dentist, after they get me in fast because they think it is an emergency and am bracing myself for the worst news full of root canals and lots of fillings. But all they could find was that I needed one minor filling. They checked and rechecked my mouth to figure out why I was in pain but all my teeth look great for not being seen in 7 years. She told me I must brush really good. She figured since my teeth are supersensitive I may have bit on something really hard that would have cauzed the pain because today my teeth feel fine. Strange but a huge relief.
Cassidy goes for her first check up soon and Aidan goes next week to get some more cavities filled, the work in his mouth seems to never end but now that we have coverage I don't mind doing the work so much.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

August is here

Most of you know that I do not believe in those cheap walmart photos, maybe it is the ugly backgrounds, or the 'bathmat' they set the kids on. But so many people have asked for updated pictures of the kids, so yesterday at the park,the kids actually posed for me allowing some good shots. Liam was napping at the time so I will have to take some pics of him in the same spot another time.

As you can see Cassidy is getting very tall. It is hard to believe she will be three next month. She is quite the little girl and everything revolves around pink, barbies and princesses.

Aidan is getting big too. He misses the cutoff for kindergarten this fall so he has one more year of preschool. We have him registered at Springs Christian Academy preschool and he is looking forward to it. Every time we drive by he points out his new school. He attended Daily Vacation Bible School last week and loved every minute. He also is loving his new sunday school at church.

On monday night, Steve and I were able to enjoy a Third Day concert here in Winnipeg. Scott and Susan Dueck from Brandon invited us to join them and we couldn't pass a night out without the kids. Unfortuantly I did not bring my camera. I really should have because we were right up front by the stage because of special wristbands Scott got for us all. We did realize how old we were getting when we were the only ones not jumping around in the crowd.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

the red (orange??) door. . . .

We have been sticking around home lately and putting some more work into the house. The projects never end. We have a large list going on our fridge of things to do before we sell this house and it feels good to cross things off that list. Steve hammered away the old sidewalk to the house and so our front lawn is pretty ripped up right now. We are starting to landscape the house. You see, this house has no basement. Rather strange for this area. All it has is a hole for the furnace and a crawl space. Every time it rains, water flows under the house making the house sink. We leveled the house already but we have brought stone in for the sides to block water and we have 3 yards of dirt getting dropped off next week to build up the front yard as well for the spot where the deck used to be. Then we will re sod it all. We are stuck on ideas for a pathway to the house and to the back gate. We want to do something creative and are looking at all our options. So if anyone has any neat ideas, let us know.
We also painted the house as you can see from this picture. It took alot of convincing for me to paint the door this color. Steve was not so sure. When i started painting the door, it was BRIGHT orange and I started to think he may be right. The color didn't look like the little swatch. But as it dryed, it started to look really nice. The color is actually called rust. You won't be able to miss our house now!

Here is Liam watching daddy work in the front yard. He is walking like crazy, thank goodness!!