Monday, February 26, 2007

nice weather

We are into week number two of Steve's vacation. We have no big plans for our week. Steve is forever working on endless house projects. It seems everytime he starts one, he finds something else that needs to be done.
On Saturday, Steve the kids and Sherry, Denis, Julie & Ashton went toboganning. The kids were sure tired when the get home! I am sure glad that the weather is finally nice. Above normal is what they say now. Crazy!! The kids have been playing outside every day since the weather has warmed up and it sure helps the day go by faster.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

busy week. . .

I was meaning to blog on my birthday but we have been so busy being at Granny and Grandpas that I never got the chance. We had a birthday supper on sunday night with Joel and Laura and the kids and my parents.
The kids are having a blast and love spending time on the farm, here are a few pictures to share.
Grandpa has been spoiling them and giving them lots of snowmobile rides. They love it and it is nice the weather has warm up so they can enjoy being outside. There cousin Josh has been visiting as well so the kids never have a bored moment.

Here are some nice horror frost pics. I can't take the credit for these though, Steve took them. He barely takes any pictures and when he does, they are always way nicer then I could have taken.

As for other news, Aidan has his interview with Calvin Christian School on March 12 and I found out soccer registration at the community center close by is in a couple weeks too. He is really excited about playing soccer this year and I think it will be good for him to burn off that extra energy.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Weekend work is done!

Today is Steve's LAST DAY OF WEEKEND WORK!!! He really shouldn't be working today, at least that is what I think, but he already took two days off this week. . so he had to put a bit more time in before his holidays which start tomorow. He is off for two weeks and the first week back he will be working 5am - 1pm. I am looking forward to that shift.
Yesterday we finally saw some temperatures that were normal. It was a beautiful day and the kids played a bit outside. It was so nice that they could actually spend more then one minute outside before freezing.
yesterday morning The Muehlings came over to visit. It is always neat catching up with people and they have a little Aiden (spelled differently) too so my kids thought it was so neat to have another Aidan. It is also nice to meet more people with a family since you find you have alot more in common.

Tomorow we are off to Boissevain for a visit with Grandma and Grandpa. Aidan is faithfully counting down the sleeps. Yesterday he asked to go for a nap cauze he thought then we could go this morning because he would have had his two require sleeps. Silly guy!!
Next tuesday marks my 26 birthday. I always have to look back and see what age I am turning. yes, i know I am still young but I swear my children are ageing me faster every day.
And one more very exciting mark, Cassidy has not wet her bed in a while. This is a HUGE deal for me and she hasn't even worn pullups. I guess I shouldnt complain, she trained herself before she was two for daytime.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

quick update. . . .

Thursday is here already??? Where did this week go. I just wanted to blog to let everyone know I have added some photo albums to your right hand side of the page. This is only a tiny fraction of some of my pics. I am finding it takes forever to put them on the album and I have thousands, literally! But go ahead and take a peek if you want!
Also. . .I have an album of some of our house reno pics, for anyone who is interested. I really need to take some pictures of the house recently though because most of the pics are before and during the renos. Really, the pictures make the house look really good before we worked on it, but it was a whole different story walking in here the first time.
a quick update here, the kids are all good, healthy as usual. They are feeling a little housebound though. Next week we are going to spend some time at Granny and Grandpa's farm and they have been counting down the sleeps.
Liam is talking up a storm lately, tons of new words everyday.
This morning we all ventured out to moms group, Aidan got to come too since his school was cancelled (due to a water main break) Liam stayed in the kidsroom the WHOLE TIME!! I think this is only because Aidan and Cassidy were with him but he usually doesn't let anyone leave him alone. I had a nice few hours without the kids!
Oh and for very good news, it is supposed to be +4 on sunday!! WAHOOO!!!!!
This weekend Steve begins his two week holidays. He plans to spend lots of it working on the many house projects. He is still working on leveling the floors and hopes to get that project complete. After his holidays, his schedule will be weekdays, finally.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

last but not least. . .

Aidan Patrick

I love his sence of humor. Sometimes the littlest things he says are the funniest.

I love how protective he is of his sister and brother.

I love how he is outgoing and the life of the party. He loves attention and isn't shy of anyone.

I love how good his memory is. He can remember things I cant! He also is soaking every thing up at school and knows bible stories and verses.

I love how he loves to be active and play outside. There is never a dull moment when he is around.

I love that he is a daddy's boy and daddy is his hero.

I love that he LOVES music. He loves to sing, dance and wants to play drums. He loves to listen to music and knows the words to kids song as well as many praise and worship songs we listen too. His all time favorite song is 'Praise you in the storm' by Casting Crowns. He loves it and knows all the words.

I love his determination and eagerness to learn new things.

I love how he loves wheels. Ever since he was a baby he has been enthrawled with anything with wheels. He loves vintage cars and trains.

I love how much he loves sunday school and preschool and asks to go every day.

I love he loves to play with stuffed animals. He carries them around and plays with them as though they are dolls.

I love his excitement. The little things can often make his day, and then he will give me a hug to thank me.

I love when he says I love you.

I love that he can do so much himself now. Dress, brush his teeth, buckle up in the van, get himself a drink/snack, clean up his toys, make his bed.....etc....... It makes life alot easier on me.

I love his fiery red hair and his big brown eyes

I love his big bear hugs

I love that he is very excited about God and tells me every day that GOd lives in his heart.

Honestly, doing this exercise was hardest with Aidan. I think it is because he has been pushing every button and testing my limits. But it was very good to look at the good things in life and focus on them.

I am sure the list could go on and on for all three of them.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

i love continues

Liam Jacob

I love his laugh and how he laughs as soon as someone is laughing whether it is funny or not.

I love that he is silly and knows it. He will do silly things over and over just to make you smile.

I love how he gets excited about the little things in life.

I love that he adores his brother and sister and follows them whevever they go. He has to do whatever they are doing.

I love when he tries to sing his twinkle twinkle song and the ABCs. I love when he tries to say new words.

I love that he loves music and as soon as his cd is on in the van he is content.

I love his love for animals. Out of all of the kids, he sure is excited about them. As soon as he sees a picture of a cat or do he squeels in delight.

I love that he is determained. The name 'Liam' means determained and it suits him very well. He has to do everything himself whether he can or not.

I love that he is sensitive and is always conerened if someone is sad.

I love the way he 'prances' from one room to the other. He has short legs so his run is cute. I also love when he dances.

I love how he loves his toys and will play with his little people or with cars forever. I love how he loves to look at books and point out everything.

I LOVE that he is an amazing sleeper. His has hardly ever waken up at night and was so easy to transition to a big boy bed.

I LOVE that he is a good eater. He eats everything and anything. (except cheese...go figure!!)

I love that he still loves to snuggle and cuddle.

I love that when he throws a tantrum, once he is put in his room he cools off instantly and comes down happy.

I love how much he loves Steve and I. Even though it is frustrating he won't stay with just anyone, it shows us how much he loves and is connected to us

I love his smile, his blond hair and his big brown eyes.

Friday, February 09, 2007

I love. . .

Reading Kerri's Blog the other day, she challenged every mother to do an exercise listing all the things they love and appreciate about there kids. I have been wanting to do this for a couple days now but haven't had a chance to sit down to write it all up.. . .and since there are three kids, I will do one kid a day.

So here is goes, starting with my Princess Cassidy. My beloved, precious only daughter.

I love that she is hilarious. In her own special way. She says such funny things that make us laugh and laugh and she doesn't even realize it is funny.

I love that she is very sensitive. Although this trait sometimes frustrates me because she takes things too personally, it shows her true compasion. She takes everything to heart and is always very concerned when someone is sad or hurt.

I love that she plays by herself very well and has a HUGE imagination. She has no problem sitting for hours with her barbies, ponies or polly pockets playing.

I love that she is smart. She finishes puzzles faster then all of us combined and loves to read. She would sit for hours looking at books. She loves to draw and color and make lists like mommy!

I love that she is a true daddy's girl. She defiantly has him wrapped around her little finger.

I love that she loves music and singing along. She loves to play her harmonica!

I love that she has been a model sleeper right off the bat. Her first night in the hospital, she slept 7 hours straight and it only got better. She will often sleep in late and outsleeps both her brothers every morning.

I love that she loves to bake. She would bake cookies every day if I could. Although we try not too since we would just eat them all.

I love that she potty trained herself well before her second birthday and surprised us all.

I love that she is a princess, loves everything pink. Her idol is Sleeping Beauty. She loves to play barbies, polly pockets, dress up and tea party. She is a true girl and I am so thankful for this!

I love that she loves ballet and wants to be a ballerina.

I love how excited she gets over the little things in life.

I love the way she tells me I love you before she goes to bed and always needs a hug and a kiss.

I love her smile and her beautiful red hair.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

all is well. . .

Liam had his speech assesment on wensday morning. They said he falls in the middle which means they are not too concerned but will see him again next year to see his progress. I kind of figured this would be the case since his vocabulary has grown quite a bit in the last month or so. They also are setting him up for more ear tests since he has yet to pass a test with one of his ears. I don't think he has any ear issues though, he has never had an ear infection and that can be a sign of hearing issues.
So all is well with his speaking. but they aren't dismissing him just yet. Because of Aidan's speech history they will keep an eye on him.

Monday, February 05, 2007

another week is here. . .

So as I am reading Jamie's blog this morning, I realized that I never take pictures of myself with the kids. Mainly because I am ALWAYS the one taking the pictures. So I pull my camera out and shoot a few, only realizing how much I don't like my hair now. My bangs got cut a little too short for my liking and now I am trying to work around that. As well, I am debating whether to cut my hair short again, or grow it out. What a stressful decision!! Wish I could have taken more but my poor camera batteries died on me.

Liam goes for his speech assesment on Wensday. Funny thing is a get this letter in the mail telling me how they have been trying to contact me but if I didn't phone them back ASAP he would be taken off the list. Weird, since I own an answering maching, call display and have all record of calls. So I guess they must have been trying pretty hard then!

I think Liam's speech has come along way since his 18 month apointment. I actually debated whether to call them back because I didn't know if he needed it. But it isn't costing me anything so better safe then sorry. I was told it could be well over a year before he was seen so I am rather surprised it took this fast. But he is starting to repeat things more and more and is working on his alphabet.

As for other news, I think it is officially the COLDEST DAY OF THE YEAR!!! I honestly don't remember it ever gettting this cold outside. I hate it and it is such a bone chilling cold too. We are all praying for a very early spring. Days like this I find it hard to believe that we have +35 weather in the summer. Really??? Does it get warm enough not to have to cover every inch of your body before you go out?? Can we really fill the pool with water and enjoy it? Times like these it is hard to imagine. Makes me look back at some Old summer posts to remind myself that it will warm up eventually.

Yesterday Uncle Tony dropped by to bring Aidan's present from his Grandma and Grandpa. They missed his birthday because they were in Mexico at the time. He was VERY excited to get a remote control truck and I am surprised he has yet to go through the first set of batteries!
Aidan would like to thank you Grandma and Grandpa!

Friday, February 02, 2007

the weekend is here. . .

It is friday!! I really don't like fridays because it means a long weekend ahead of Steve working. But. . . . he starts training the new weekend guy today which means he will be a free weekendman hopefully next sunday! It is also really really cold out and we have a windchill warning. Because of this, Steve took the vehicle to work so he doesn't freeze his ears off when waiting for a bus tonight. So we can't go anywhere, but I wouldn't want too anyways even if we could. Thankgoodness it is February and spring is on its way! Every winter I wonder why we live in this cold place.

So Steve is toying with the idea of not selling this house. He really wants to rent this house out and own two rentals. It all started when I suggested we rent this house and sell the Brandon one instead. I really want to get rid of the Brandon one so we don't have to be worried about being so far away from it. It is rather a pain being so far away and what if something happens and we have to rush out there to do something? Luckily Steve's dad has been there when the house required attention but we may not always have this luxury readily available.
So what to do. . .This house would be an easy rental and we wouldn't have to do all the remodeling we planned. We also could take a nice profit each month. But can he be convinced to sell the Brandon one as well? Any persuasion is much appreciated. .

well, I have noticed my page is getting often 50-100 hits a day. So . . . .for all of you out there, make yourself known! I would love to know who reads this and learn more about you.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

February is here!

I haven't blogged in a couple days now, but not much new has happened here. The weather has cooled off again and I find it hard to go out when it is so cold.

This past weekend marked a big milestone for us though. Liam had his very first sleepover away from mommy and daddy. Many of you may think this is strange since he is already 20 months old. I remember leaving Aidan for a couple days before he was even a year old. But we just never had the chance to leave Liam, we would always just get rid of the oldest kids.

Satuday night we had a party to go too and so all the kids went over to there cousins Ashton and Julie's house. Liam did great and even slept on a mattress on the floor, no more playpen for him!! He was pretty happy to be home though and so excited to sleep in his own bed the next day.

Tuesday night, i was able to enjoy a girls night out with some friends I have met here (and a few classic ones) The longer we are here, the more we are realizing how many people we have lost touch with over the years live here. So it has been neat catching up with alot of these people. As well, I have been going to moms group on thursday mornings which has introduced me to a ton of moms my age, and this also gives the kids time to play with other kids.

Yesterday, Aidan recived a package in the mail. He was terribly excited!! THANK YOU to Uncle Joel, Auntie Laura, Maddy and Olivia for the present. Aidan has already been busy coloring with his new crayons and coloring book, eated his treats and we put his starts on his cealing last night. He actually woke up in the middle of the night crying because one fell down and he insisted it needed to go back up instantly.

We also spent some of the day with Steve's grandma (Baba) yesterday. We took her to do some errands and she took us all out to Mcdonalds for lunch. We then brought her over for a little visit! The kids adore her and are becoming quite attached to her.

Not much else to blog about!! I can't believe it is Feb.1st!! 20 days till my 26th birthday.