Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend

Sunday evening we got home from our fun packed weekend at Granny and Grandpas farm. We had not been out to the farm for quite a while and the kids were counting down the sleeps before we left.
Friday morning we headed out. It was nice to have no work and no school that day so we could make the trip a little longer.
When we got there Steve got to work with my dad to finish there sunroom ceiling which they were lining with cedar. The kids were right in there in the action and had to do some building of there own.

Aidan enjoying a fresh snowfall.

Cassidy baking with Granny
Liam eyeing the dessert
Saturday the kids cousins Maddy, Olivia and Judah came over and the painted some easter eggs.

Saturday evening Granny did a special activity with them. She had found an Easter story cookie recipe. As the kids made them, each thing represented part of the story and we read scripture along with it.
The white cookies represented the tomb.

At the end, the kids had to put the cookies in the oven and tape it shut tight, so that they knew no one could get in.

In the morning they opened up the oven, took the cookies and broke them open to find that they were hollow, representing the empty tomb. It was a great object lesson for them.

Sunday morning I also made a little treasure hunt for the baskets. I usually do an easter egg hunt outside, but was a little lazy this year and tried something different.

Aidan and Cassidy were thrilled to find Webkinz in there basket.

My nephew Judah (I was able to do some portraits of him and have included a few on my photography website, he was SO adorable I had a hard time choosing one or two to post)

Now we are back to regular schedule. Liam went for another speech assesment today. They are planning to start some kind of program with him. We meet again in a month plus have another ear test. They are concerned with his slur speech and the fact he is hard to understand. He is similar to how Aidan was at that age and Aidan has defiantly come along way.

Aidan also got his report card for this term. It was excellent and again the teacher commented on his imagination and love for science. She also said how much he has improved in his speech. It is hard to believe in three months school will be done for the summer. The year sure has flown by and I can hardly wait for Cassidy and Aidan to both be in school.

I am also going to be doing quite a few photography shoots in the next little while. I have lots booked and a ton of interest so that is rather encouraging. I am not planning to make much money with it but maybe eventually I will be able to. I have been adding alot more to my site so feel free to check it out. Someday I hope to splurge on a nice site, but hey, can't beat free blogger for now!

I am officially back to marathon training. It is SO nice to run in this spring weather. This is my favorite temperatures to run in.

That is about all that is new around here, last thing, next week is spring break, so you can pray for my sanity.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

nice weather

It is beautiful out today. I don't want to get too attached to the nice spring weather yet. It has been such a nice change though. The kids have enjoyed most of yesterday and today outside. Although it is wet, and they come in drenched, they are happier with all the fresh air in them.
Yesterday, when they got home from school, we enjoyed the sunshine and took advantage of the perfect 'snowman snow' and made a few.

Cassidy made a princess, Liam a mickeymouse, and Aidan was making a giant. Here they are displaying there work.

Over this past weekend we took a quick trip to Brandon. It has been a very long time since we have been there. Steve had a bit of work to do in our rental there and he wanted to work on our taxes with his dad.
It was a quick trip and the kids were sad that we had to leave so quickly. We really have to make it out there more often.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It was time. . .

It was time for a new header on my blog. Not too creative, but nice and simple. I didn't have the time or energy for anything more.
I just needed to post this one picture of Cassidy, this one is especially for Granny and Grandpa.