Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New addition to the family...

Silas Paul #2

I am very excited to have another nephew, Silas Paul! The boys continue to take over my side of the family! This is the 13 grandchild on my side, and the kids 12th cousin.

My sister Jamie and her husband Erik welcomed this little guy on March 28. He was defiantly 'well done' and weighed in at 8 lbs 14 oz, 23 in. He is a little brother to Micah and Keziah. Congrats guys. Welcome to the 'uneven' world of 5. We only wish we lived closer or we had the money to come visit so I could have a baby fix.

I guess I will just stick to cuddling the cat!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring is officially here as of yesterday. Last week we enjoyed some wonderful weather. The snow is melting super fast. Today we spent outside, even walked to 7-11 for slurpees. I have yet to upload my pictures from the kids playing in all the puddles. I am just so relieved we got through another winter. Cassidy and Aidan start soccer in May. Liam is still too young, since he doesn't turn 4 till May.

Last week the kids cousins Kailyn and Josh came with Granny to play. They had so much fun on the 'little' hill with the sled. The kids love when the visit and were sad to see the day end.

They even got Granny to play twister with them.


Today we also started ripping up the spare bedroom carpet and scraping the glued down underlay. What a huge mess and the task of doing the rest to the rec room seems next to impossible. I am so glad that we hired someone to do the install. Steve picked up all the trim today that will go in once the carpet is installed. Hopeing this is done soon, we have prepaid but the contractors are so busy we are not sure when they will get to us.

As well I have to ask peoples opinions on the declawing of cats. I have heard all kinds of things from different people and how cruel it is. We plan on bringing Daisy in to get fixed once she is about 7 months, which is in July and then I plan on discussing the whole declawing thing with the vet. The kids are extremely attached to her. She is the first thing they look for when they get home, but they fight over her constantly.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring is sprung??

I am working on a new blog template, just need to find the time to finish it. But for the mean time, I have bigger pictures on my blog. I like it so much better.

Life is still busy here. We are so anxiously awaiting spring and today it is going to be +5. Melt snow melt!! Last week was so cold, January cold. It was hard to think it was March and winter feels neverending.

I have loads of pics I still need to go through. This past two weeks I have been doing lots of reading and practising on my on camera and post processing skills. I still have so much to learn. I have to stop looking at my pictures a year ago because I am my hardest critic. But it is always good to continue to learn because I know I can only get better and better. I just got two new big softboxes in the mail yesterday for my studio. I am thrilled about these since my shoot through umbrellas were so hard to work with. I also scored an amazing antique chair, with green velvet. I love it! I haven't used it in a shoot yet and can hardly wait.

my new chair

Now for the kids, they have had birthday parties every weekend since January. Last weekend, Cassidy enjoyed a tea party at her friends party. She got to get all dressed up for it and was very excited to wear a dress I wore when I was a kid. I must say it was a bit snug so it will be the only chance she will have. Aidan enjoyed a sled ride up at birds hill park yesterday at a party.

Yes, our cat is still kicking around. She defiantly loves to play but is great with the kids. She lets them drag her around, dress her up and play baby with her.

We are done our income tax, which is a relief. Things went very well this year, we were worried about the house we had sold and being taxed on it. Thankfully the money we saved to pay them, we don't need to and still ended up with a great return, thanx to loads of write offs. We are planning to pay the kids tuition for next year so we don't have that big payment every month.

As well, NEW BASEMENT CARPET! Yes, the flowered red 70s carpet will be gone. We had talked about doing this when last week I noticed on the Home depot website that they had a $199 installation promo so I sent Steve in since we had looked at carpet a while back and we knew what we wanted. Tomorow, the carpet guy is coming to measure and hopefully in the next few weeks they will come and install. We will recarpet the entire basement, stairs and spare bedroom. The second sparebedroom is going to be my studio and we have special flooring plans for that, which I am SO excited about. Once the carpet is in we will start on that room.


Now, let the snow melt, let the slush and muck begin. Bring it all on!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I am so behind in going through my pictures, just dumped my camera....here is a quick one of Liam, there are more of Cass on my photo blog!

Off to a newborn shoot, will blog more later!