Friday, February 27, 2009

Another busy week as flown by.....loads of pictures to post. I am trying to pick up the camera as much as possible lately to jam in as many shots of the kids as I can. As well, lots of our new kitty.....we have learned she loves playing and sleeping in the oddest places, as you can see by this picture.
As well, here is a picture of a few of my cute hats I have created!

Last weekend we did some rearranging of furniture in the kids rooms. The boys dresser has bit the dust and we decided to give them one of Cassidy's, since she really didn't need two. Steve moved up his old little desk for her which she loves. I plan on refinishing it and painting it white to match her furniture. She spends hours drawing and writing.

Today Liam and I brought little Daisy to school to visit Aidan and Cassidy's class. The kids were very excited to meet her.

Some other new news.....I have recently signed up as a Mary Kay consultant. I LOVE there stuff and have been addicted to the makeup and skin care line for a while now. I get an awesome discount this way so it saves me money, and I can hook those up who love the products.
Honestly.....i was never a big makeup fan but I LOVE experimenting with colors now, wearing BLUE, GREEN and even PURPLE eyeshadow! Plus there skin care rocks, did I mention I have actually seen wrinkles disappear? So let me know if you wanna try some stuff. I am not pushing to sell it, since I am considered a 'personal use' consultant, but I still can if I choose.
Even Liam uses the stuff.......they have an amazing cream that does wonders for excema.

This is a quick shot of the canvas that Steve and I built. I will not make one myself again, I plan to order a few more to display in the studio. This is currently hanging in our rec room.

Not much else glad March is almost here. Praying it brings warming temperatures that will melt our snow. So excited that summer is just around the corner. I am tired of snowsuits and boots, mitts and touques!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Fun! The kids are having a blast with there new little pet. Plus they are old enough to help out with feeding her and taking her to her litter box. She has adjusted quite well and I can tell she has already made herself at home.
Liam and I bought the kitty some little toys, she is terribly hyper and they have added hours of entertainment.

I have been busy knitting, yes thats right.....I have been busy creating hats and cocoons for photoshoots, the kitty is hanging out in one of my screw least she likes it. I really didnt think I could actually 'knit' anything but I have wanted some cute hats for photoprops and everyone charges a crazy amount that I was determined to figure out how to do it myself! Photos are yet to come!
Yes, yesterday marked my 28th birthday. Although I did think I was 29, I feel every year I have to count back and remind myself how old I am turning. I went with my mom and sister out for lunch and shopping at the mall. It was nice to get out for the day and the kids had fun as well.
Anyways, count down to spring is on!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


The kids have been begging for a pet. I really didn't think I could handle a dog, and Aidan is allerigic to cats. After some research, I found a free little kitten and decided we would give it a try. I brought her by the Pet store and learned some good info about having a cat when you have allergies, we also learned our little Daisy was a girl. So far, Aidan has been responding well, although kittens do not produce as much dander as an adult cat. So we will see how it goes. She is extremely playful but still loves to cuddle.
As for her name, was the only name all three kids agreed on.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines day....

Happy Valentines Day! The kids have had a serious valentine overload. Party after party, which only means sugar overload.
The kids were very eager to hand out valentines this year. Liam was especially excited because he too got a valentine party. I spent the afternoon at his preschool helping out in the class.
They were just too cute organizing and reorganizing there valentines when they got home!

Of course our cookies......

as well, our new relieved that it arrived

Last but not least, our two little pets....can you find them??

Monday, February 09, 2009

Spring is just around the corner!

Its raining and it is above zero right now, which means crazy conditions outside. I think I slid all the way to school this morning....but I am not complaining. It is so amazing to go out with no touque on, and to be able to breath outside.
This past week we have had wonderful, warmer weather. Gives us a small glimpse of spring and the fact it is on its way.
Unfortuanly, this past week has also been a 'sick' week here in the household. Steve was off work for a few days with pneumonia. Liam has also been fighting off some terrible cold. The rest of us have been healthy and I am praying it stays that way. We are done with the colds and the flus.
Last week, Cassidy and I spent an afternoon shopping for one of our sponsered children. We have one through compassion, which we have had for a number of years and then last year our church 'adopted' a village in Swaziland called Enaleni. We were able to choose a 10 year old girl to sponser. They are sending off a team next week there and we were able to fill a bag with items for her. We had loads of fun and packed that bag as full as we could.
Here is Cassidy displaying some of the items.

We included a special photo album with loads of pictures, lots of snow because I was told they find snow rather amazing.
Business has slowed down a tad, I have still been busy enough, currently getting some weddings for the summer and focusing on preparing for those. I had the opportunity to do some photography for a Fire college which was very different then what I am used to but loads of fun (you can check out my blog for some of those.) I also plan on updating my website with some new pictures. I think we are all just itching to get outside for photos and for spring to come!
Steve and Aidan went to monster jam on saturday. They had lots of fun. I sent the good ol' rebel with them and here is what they captured.

Sunday we had a lazier day. Steve took the kids to church and I stayed home with Liam because he still is fighting a terrible cough. The kids spent most of the afternoon playing some wii games and I cleaned the house for small group that evening.
As for the house, no pictures of the white walls in the basement yet. I seem to forget evertime I post, or I am just waiting for new carpet before I take a picture! We had to buy a new dishwasher last week, because our old beater started should be here tomorow.
Not much else is new. Aidan has been doing very well in school lately. His reading has improved so much and his spelling has been awesome. He has a great memory. I do have to say the whole motiviation of his wii games has helped big time. First thing when he comes home from school he asks to do his reading and words so he can play his game.