Thursday, May 25, 2006

one year ago

This picture was taken exactly one year ago. Steve thought it was funny because the day before Liam's scheduled arrival, I was out mowing grass. . . . funny the things we do to get things m0ving!
Liam will turn the big 1 tomorow and we are all very excited! It is also sad to know that the baby years of our lives are over.

Monday, May 22, 2006

almost done. . . .

So here are some updated pics of the house. Things are getting very close to being done. All ot the flooring is in so we can move in this weekend.

First here are some pics of the living room, dining room, hallway which the kids have kind of taken over right now! All that is left here is trim and other finishing touches.

and here is the boys red room.......just missing the trim and I am putting a border of wooden trucks and cars around the edge.

Friday, May 19, 2006

one more week. . .

until my precious baby is one year old. I am so excited for him as he reaches so many milestones but sad to see him grow up so fast. Liam is crawling like a maniac and cruising around furniture. He has stood by himself but hasn't walked yet. I am in no hurry yet I am tired of bending over and walking with him.

Here are some pictures of Liam over the past year.

It has been harder to work at the house now that he is so active but things are coming along. All of the flooring is in and the painting is done. The boys 'red' room is done and turned out quite nicely. Although there are many little things to finish, we are excited to be able to move in next week in time for Liam's birthday party on the 27th!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

busy. . .

This is what we have been busy doing. . . . this is just a taste of the new floors. Steve has finished about 1/2 of the flooring and we are seeing the end of painting. We are pleased with the colors of paint we picked except I had a bright idea to paint the boys room a deep red. Well, i didn't realize that red paint required coats, upon coats of paint. So right now, there room is looking not so good. I have been told several times I am a terrible painter and I now have this room to prove it. Steve has graciosly offered to finish the job. For now, we just close the door and find other projects to do until we have no choice but to tackle it.

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! My mothers day was spent working on the house pulling nails out of the dining room floor ( I volunteered) after a gormet meal from Micky D's! The kids bought me a set of 2 new cordless phones.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Birthdays

We had a very busy weekend. I seems as though our family has alot of May birthdays that all seem to land around the same time.
First of all, friday we were able to celebrate Steven's and Sherry's (steve's sis) birthday. Sherry turned the big 30 and Steve turned 27 so we had a chocolate fountain fondue to celebrate....yummy!! Then today we celebrated Baba's (steve's grandmas) birthday. She turned the big 80! We had a party for her and all the grandkids bought her $80 worth of scratch and win tickets. She was SO excited!
Baba LOVES her great grandchildren and spends alot of time spoiling them. She is thrilled to have them all so close to her and we are glad that she is around to enjoy them. Here is a pic of Aidan, Cassidy, Liam and there cousins Jule and Ashton with there Great Baba.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

somethings smells. . . .

hmmm....... describes him well eh?

just me and the kids

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

more work. . . .

We have continued working like crazy on the house. Steve moved into a new position at work which requires night shifts. This is an adjustment and finding time for the house is hard but things are still coming along.
Here is the princess's room, rather pink isn't it?

This is the giant whole in the wall, getting bigger. This is going to be a breakfest nook from the kitchen looking into the dining room.

The kids playing on the mound of garbage we are creating.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Our dining room, looking into our living room. Beautiful isn't it?
The kids are having lunch! They have been really good there so far and not too bored yet. I can't imagine how people do major renovations while living in the house! I think it is a blessing that we don't have to live here yet!

Steve started to rip up the carpets only to reveal some beautiful flooring! ha ha!! He is getting it ready to lay our wood flooring and ceramic tiles at the entrances. He also started demo on the wall that we are opening up. I have been upstairs painting the Princess's room. She ordered the color pink, and so pink it is. ... and I am so sick of the color!
We have found lots of surprises so far from dog poop, to mouse poop! I sure hope it is move in ready by the end of May! We have Liam's birthday party planned for May. 27 at this house. I will be sure to post more pictures as the house progresses.