Tuesday, May 29, 2007


It was a cold, wet, rainy weekend but it didn't stop us from haveing a fun birthday for Liam. Yes we were all stuck inside. I would have loved to move it outside so the kids would have more room to run around but the weather just didn't cooperate.
Saturday during Liam's nap, we filled up a zillion balloons with helium. When he woke up and saw everything, he wasn't sure which one to grab first. He was pretty overwhelmed but very excited.

We enjoyed lots of good food, Liam loved his gifts and the kids had a treasure hunt!

Due to our crazy week, I didn't have time to create the balloon cake I had invisioned, so Granny brought an icecream cake (with loads of yummy toppings) from the Beach hut. I don't think I could have made anything that tasted this good.

Liam got loads of great stuff but at the end of the night all he really wanted was the balloons.
Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day. The sun finally came out. We dropped Steve off at the airport for another week in Calgary and we headed to St.vital park to meet some friends for a picnic. It was packed there but the kids sure enjoyed themselves!

It is now tuesday and we are counting down the days for this week to be done! It is raining again today, as it was yesterday. I have been trying to keep the kids occupied inside. Yesterday, we planted my flowers during the few hours that the rain was not falling. Aidan's soccer game was postponed, the third one in the last few weeks cauze of the rain.
Here are a few more random shots from the weekend.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Happy Birthday Liam!
Really, has two years gone by already. I feel like it was yesterday we got the surprise we were going to have number three.
Exactly one year ago today I was about 37 weeks and I went in for a planned c-section. A little earlier then my doctor wanted but I insisted because I had family coming out and I wanted him out of me!
My surgery was supposed to be at 9 so I had to be there at 7 am in the morning. It was a long wait and finally at 9:50 they pulled him out. They announced he was a boy and I was shocked because I was convinced he was a girl. I then started to panic becuase I had a girl name but no boy name. He was 6 pounds,9 3/4 ounces, the biggest of all my babies.
So Liam didin't have a name right away. It was awhile before we decided on one. The boy name I wanted was Isaiah but Steve didn't want it. After we decided and signed the birth papers, Steve's dad informed him what Liam was spelt backwards. MAIL. (Remember what Steve does for a living!)
Liam was an excellent baby. Slept good of the start and it was a breeze with him. I only nursed for a month because I had issues with my milk supply. Once he was on formula he started packing on the pounds.
Now Liam is a very active two year old. He loves to get into trouble and I think I have gotten more grey hairs over him then my other two combined. He is a little behind in his speech but it is coming along. My daughter was talking in long complete sentences at this age and very advanced so it is hard not to compare them.
Liam loves animals and his greatest passion right now is balloons. When he sees one he goes nutty! He also like every boy loves trucks, cars, trains and tools. He also has learned to play barbies and other girly things with Cassidy.
He loves to be around people and I think he will have a hard time when Cassidy goes to preschool and Aidan is in school in fall. He will be pretty lonely.
Today we will be having a balloon party for him to celebrate this special day. Feel free to watch the slide show from his two years! (i have turned off the music on my blog for the time being so it doesn't interfere)

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Friday, May 25, 2007

"One more sleep till Liam's birthday!" This is the first thing I heard Aidan say this morning when he got out of bed. Liam really doesn't know what is happening. He only knows there will be balloons. Or in his words 'boons'
Today Steve went out to do some emergency work at the house in Brandon. Because of a HUGE rainfall, our house and some others on the block got sewer back up. So there is a ton of crap to be delt with, literally. We are trying to decide whether to sell the house now or keep it.
anyways, here are some pictures from Aidan's soccer game on wensday. It got rained out halfway through but at least he got to play a bit. We have been haveing terrible rainy weather and I am really wondering where are nice summer sunshine went.

Last night Steve and I went to the Delirious concert. They put on a great show. This was the third time I have seen them and by far it was the best one.

Steve insisted that I blogged about our near death experience as well. I wasn't as freaked out about it as him, mainly because I wasn't really paying attention to the whole thing. As we were driving down Nairn towards Lagamodier we stopped at a red light. All of the sudden, as it was red, Steve started driving through it. I was like, what the heck are you doing?? Here as I look behind, one of those big semi tow trucks came straight through behind us. I guess Steve saw he wasn't going to stop and knew the only way to get out of the way was to drive forward. Luckly no cars were coming. But it makes you think, how many times do you trust that the person behind you will actually stop?

As for other news, I really really need to potty train Liam. He is starting to refuse to ware diapers and is ripping them off constantly. I know he is ready but I just feel life is so crazy right now how am I supposed to add that in? Steve is off to Calgary again on sunday so I wonder if even though he is gone, I should start. When Steve is away, we don't go much of anywhere so it might be a good time. I guess I will see once monday comes!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

wow, one whole week since I posted last? I am finding it hard to get on here since my new found addiction to Facebook. (thank you kerri) She is right though, she did tell me that she thinks it was invented as false relationship/adult communication for stay at home mothers. So she did warn me about it.
anyways, this past weekend we headed out to Brandon so Steve could do a bit of work on our house there.
It was a cold, rotten weekend. I ran 10 miles around the city on saturday morning and it was pretty cold and windy. The kids had fun though and played lots with Grandma and Grandpa.

Yesterday we didnt do too much. Steve did some work on the house and finally finished the backspash in the kitchen. It looks a million times better.
We headed to the park after supper so the kids could get rid of some energy.

Saturday marks Liam's second birthday. He is learning to say 'two' when we ask him how old he is and to hold up his two fingers. We plan to have a birthday bash on saturday to celebrate!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Belated mothers day! We had a very busy weekend. It was beautiful out and took advantage of it. Saturday morning started off with my 10 mile run which I was able to do a few minutes faster then last week. We then headed off to the Forks for the morning checking out the sites and stopping at the Children's Museum. We have a season pass here and have not been since they added a LEGO exhibit and Aidan has been asking for a while to go now. The kids had a blast as we walked around the Forks and inside the museum.

Cassidy and Liam is playing in the lego submarine where everything was made out of lego, even the toilet!

Sunday the kids woke up very early anxious to make me breakfest in bed. The day before Aidan and Steve went shopping for what to make me. Aidan picked out Special K cereal because there was a lady exercising on the front of the box and he insisted I would like it, which is funny because I don't usually eat it. (I guess they have noticed all the running I have been doing lately!) So my breakfest consisted of cereal, strawberries and coffee.
We had an excellent service at church. The kids had a special 'MOMS' time in sunday school where I got to watch them sing and we had snacks and got flowers. Aidan and Cassidy were very excited about it and haveing me come visit. We also had an amazing speaker at church. You can actually download and listen to all our messages online at Riverwood. We have been doing a series on Job and have had several guest speakers. Our speaker yesterday, who was Helen Toews had an incredible message on Faith. I encourage everyone to download the message and listen to it.
Here is a picture of the flowers the kids handed out at sunday school.

Steve and the kids bought me an outdoor fireplace for mothers day as well. (I also got Delerious tickets but we had bought them already) We had our first fire yesterday afternoon! You can notice in the background some of our dead grass. We seeded new grass everywhere last summer and it all came in beautifully. Then, when we had people come shingle the roof, the pilled all the shingles on all our nice green grass and killed it all, so we are reseeding and nursing it back to life.

Today Steve is off from work and will be for the next few days. He hopes to get some things done around the house. This morning we already moved my old hope chest up to Cassidy's bedroom and turned it into a tickle trunk for all there dress up clothes. For me, the rest of the day will probably consist of lots of laundry and Aidan's soccer game tonight.

Friday, May 11, 2007

my little sweet pea

Aidan brought this home from school for me for mothers day! Isn't it cute? I just had to share

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday is here!! This week has gone so fast I don't even remember what I actually accomplished in the last few days. The weekend was so far ago already and I have had pictures I have wanted to post for a while but just never got them off of my camera.
First of all, Sunday we went to visit dear friends of ours new baby girl Annika, and Cassidy was quite taken with her.
We had some super hot weather and the kids enjoyed the pool in the backyard and we even had to turn the central air on since it was so hot!

I have not planted any flowers yet since it is still a little early but just picked up a few baskets of flowers since I figured I can bring them in if it gets cold yet. I hope to do my in ground planting in a few weeks. Here are some pics to show them off.

Yesterday it was Steven's 28th birthday. We didn't do much since he worked and Aidan had soccer in the evening. We ordered pizza and then the kids had decorated a cake for him. The cake had half white and half chocolate icing because they each wanted a different kind. It tasted pretty yummy!