Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Princess

Today Cassidy turns 4 years old.

At birth. . .
3 months old. . .

6 months old. . .
1 year. . .
2 years. . .
3 years. . .

and now, 4 years old!
We love you!

Friday, September 21, 2007


Today we celebrate a very special day. A milestone two years ago we didn't know if we would ever see and here we are today. May God bless you Noah and we praise him for the special gift that you are. Happy Birthday little man! We are excited to celebrate your birthday with you and your family tonight!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I must blog about the good news. We have finally bought a house. We are so thankful things are coming together. We get posession October 12, a few days before we have to get out here. The house requires some updating cosmetically but nothing to hard. We plan to rip out the carpets and refinish the hardwoods and paint the place. It is a Granny's house so we had to see past the decorating and bulky furniture. It is a 1238 square foot bungelow. That gives us over 2400 square feet because of the finished lower level. Twice the size we have now. It has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is on a big lot but the yard needs some work. The back yard has alot of concrete which will go and be replaced with sod. It is up in North Kildonan, great quiet bay only minutes away from Aidan's school. Because of the area, we thought it would be hard to get this house but we gave them a good offer and won it. Houses in North Kildonan are hard to come by and when they come up on the market they fly off for way more then list. We also ended up spending below our max which was a relief so we will be able to do the few things that need to be done. Because of the size we knew that it would be a good project to take on since we know it will be harder to grow out of this house.

Aidan also started his first day of kindergarten on monday. He was so excited! He was pretty tired after his first day but was gearing to go this morning.

Here he is at his cubby! Here he is waiting for me to leave

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Cassidy had her first day of preschool yesterday. She will go every monday, wensday and friday afternoon. The school is only about 2 blocks away and a 5 minute walk. (This will probably change when we move!) She did very well on her first day and was excited about her new friends.
Aidan doesn't start until monday. He is getting very anxious!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Is it September already? Hard to believe summer is already flown by. I am sad to see the leaves are already changing colors.

September 2nd marked our 7 year wedding anniversary. Hard to believe 7 years have gone by. I honestly think the kids have made it more of a blur. We celebrated the day by taking the kids to tinkertown. We hadn't gone yet all summer and the kids have been asking for a while now. This was Liam's first year enjoying the rides and he loved it. We then ordered in some food for supper that night!

Update on our house situation, still no home yet. The frustrating thing was the long weekend. Not much comes on the weekend right before it and what does isn't showing until the end of this week. The GREAT news is, there are a bunch of great houses, at great prices taking bids this weekend so we have the chance at some good ones. All in areas we want and alot of them require some cosmetic work which originally we wanted. I have gotten caught up in the 'pretty' houses and unfortuantly I know we need to buy something that doesn't look perfect because we have a better chance of winning it. In the meantime we are just trying not to stress about it and trusting God will work it out.

Cassidy starts preschool tomorow. She is very excited and has been counting down the sleeps for a while. Aidan doesn't start till next week on the 10th. He is very excited about getting to eat his lunch at school!