Friday, April 09, 2010

Breakfest with mickey

First full day at disney!
The weather was beautiful, already in tanktops and shorts. We had a 7:10am breakfest with Mickey so I arranged a cab to drive us since the resort buses were not running yet.
This is a view of the pool early in the morning.
We arrived at the Contemporary resort and waited until we were seating. It was a yummy breakfest buffet.
Best part about it......the fab five.
Goofy was the first one to come out. Liam's face was priceless. He was in such awe at the real characters.
Of course Mickey...
Then donald...
and finally Pluto.
Off to ride the monorail to Magic Kingdom......

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Disney Trip Report Part #1

This was our living room tuesday morning, before we left. The kids were extremely excited with anticipation.
Our Magical Express luggage tags.
The kids had some time to play at the airport before we went through security. 3pm our flight took off. This was Aidan and Liam's first flight. (cassidy has flown before) Liam did get a big scared as we were being taxied out to the runway.

He stated very loudly "can we walk?"

We finally arrived in orlando at around 8:30 at night. We made our way to the magical express counter and got on our shuttle to the airport.
It was late and dark so I didn't catch a picture of our bus.....but this was it.

We arrived at the Disney All star Music resort at about 9pm that night. I checked in and although we had a little mixup with our groceries order, we got it sorted out. The kids had special baskets waiting for them. Complete with autograph books, pens, light spinners, stuffies and personalized mickey ears! They were all set for our Mickey breakfest the next morning.

Stay tuned for day 2 at the Magic kingdom....