Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My monkeys

Liam had his 18 month doctor's appointment today.

He is a whopping 22 1/2 pounds. He is in the 10th percentile for height and weight. I figured he was small considering the size of clothes he wares. Looking back in the kids baby books, I found that Aidan was 27 pounds at 18 months and Cassidy was 30 pounds. The doctor isn't too concerned, he said he was growing just fine. Funny since Liam probably eats more then the other kids combined. He has a bottomless pit for a stomach. The doctor was a little concerned about his speech though and requested we put our name on the list for speech in Winnipeg because it is such a long waiting list. Better safe then sorry I guess. Hopefully he will start talking more as he gets older. I think he doesn't talk much because he doesn't get a chance with the other kids speaking for him.

This weekend we plan to go back to Granny and Grandpa's farm for a quick visit since Jamie and Erik will be out. The kids are very excited and when I told Aidan he might see Maddy and Olivia, his eyes got so big I thought they might pop out!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Digital scrapbooking

I really have wanted to try some digital scrapbooking ever since I put photoshop on our computer. But, I have been always a little intimated about the whole thing. Yesterday, for fun, I checked out some websites and found lots of free downloads and instructions. So here are a few pages I experimented on.
For anyone who is not familar to this. It is the same as real scrapbooking. You download the paper, the fonts, the embellishments, borders, etc. . . and then you put it all together.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Our Ballerina. . .

Another weekend is almost done. Again, Steve is working long hours and we just try to keep busy. We are counting down the weekends till the new year when Steve will have them off. Saturday morning was ballet for Cassidy. She has one more left before Christmas so I thought I should bring my camera to take some pictures.

Honestly, I don't know she learned a whole lot, but she sure enjoys the interaction with other girls her age. And of course, she enjoys having an excuse to ware her pink ballet outfit and her special shoes.

Saturday the kids also got to enjoy a birthday party for there cousin Ashton.

Next weekend, we have been given confirmed information that Jamie and Erik are indeed coming out. (yes, with there brand new baby) We look forward to seeing them.

As well, I am still waiting for new my dishwasher. I wonder why we even bother with home depot because EVERYTIME we or someone we know has to order something, it seems to take forever. So I am just praying that we have it installed before Christmas.

Today also marks Liam's 18 month birthday!! HAPPY 18 MONTHS SWEETIE!

Liam at birth
Liam 18 months old

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sweet Baby girl

hopefully they will not kill me for sharing this news.
Keziah Katherine was born last night at 9 ???pm. It think it was after 11 our time. She is 8 pounds, 5 ounces and 19 inches long. i hope that is all right. I have been waiting for someone to post something on her blog since I understand all of her faithful viewers are very curious. I am sure she will be anxious to share all her labor and delivery details. I had to edit this post because I originally said I had no pictures of this little one. But I guess I do now!

she is here!

Congrats to my sister Jamie and Erik on there new baby. I don't want to spill any details yet so if you are anxiously waiting, you will have to wait till her blog is updated!!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Beautiful day

We are waiting here for news of our new little niece or nephew. As you can see in my sister Jamie's blog that she is to be induced this morning. And since we thought this baby would be here two weeks ago, we are very anxiouse. Also excited to know that they will be coming to visit in the next few weeks, as long as all goes well.
As for other news, I have a brand spankin new dishwasher being delivered in the next couple days. Steve 'volunteered' to do dishes rather then buying one and I think the overload of dishes I left for him last night sent him to home depot this morning. As well, we have had some amazing warm weather. Today is supposed to get up to 12 degrees! Since it is Steve's day off, he decided to build the kids a play structure with some wood we had lyeing around. He added a slide this morning and the kids are haveing lots of fun already. It still needs a railing around the side and we are going to add some swings on the side in spring.
And. .
here is Liam posing on our new breakfest nook stools.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Another week has flown by, where is the time going? We had another long boring weekend with Steve working 12 hour days. Look forward when this will be all done with in the new year. To top it all off, our dishwasher has bit the dust. It was older and came with the house, so sad since we have had to actually wash dishes the last couple days. There is nothing else I hate more then washing dishes. So until we have the funds for a new one, I guess we will have to go back to the old way for a while. How did I ever survive without one?
The tree is up, the decorations are up, the shopping is done. We are officially ready for Christmas to arrive. Aidan, being the smart guy he is, is very aware of Santa Claus being pretend. I apologize to any children whos dreams are ruined by what he may say to them. Cassidy, on the other hand, has always had a huge imagination and very much believes he is real. But for her, it really isn't that hard. For he must live with all the princesses and fairies she adores. We aren't pushing the whole Santa thing. We don't have 'santa' gifts, and we don't put cookies out for him. We really want the kids to grow up knowing that Christmas isn't about Santa and gifts.
I am wondering if anyone has good ideas on celebrating advent or doing any other activities that might teach the kids about Jesus's birthday. I know someone mentioned to me once that they had baked a cake on Christmas day for Jesus.
As for Christmas celebrations, it looks as though the Harder side will be celebrating early on December 8th this year in Winnipeg. It also looks like Steve's side will be at our house on Christmas day. I guess I will be purchasing a ton of plastic plates and utensils if my dishwasher isn't running by then!!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

random pics

Hard to believe it is halfway through November, which means December will be here in no time which also means Christmas and the start of a new year. Liam will also turn 18 months in a week and a half. Where did that 1 1/2 years go? He is turning into quite the toddler. He watches every move his siblings make and has to do everything that they are doing. He is also turning into a look workman. Recently, Steve has been finishing up ceramic tile in the house and Liam likes to "grout" the tile with the grouting tool. He walks around with his play electric drill and "fixes" everything from the piano to his toys.

Last night the kids and I decorated there gingerbread train. I think more went in the mouth then on the actual train. I think they did a pretty good job.
These are the best pictures I could take of the kids in front of the tree. They were too hyper to sit nicely.

Friday, November 10, 2006

finally. . .

We have news about Steve's job. Yesterday, he just found out he has a new permanent supervisor position with UTS. The same department he is currently working at. His new hours are 5 am - 1pm monday to friday. NO WEEKENDS! Starting Janaury 1.
This means more day time for the kids with daddy!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Merry Christmas

Well, not quite yet. But it sure looks like it in my house. The tree went up and looked pretty bare first of all with my small collection of ornaments. I have since bought alot more to add to the tree. I first let the kids hang the decorations, and as you could imagine, they all lined the bottom and clumped on a few branches. I really should have taken a picture. They then went to the playroom to watch a movie while I 'redecorated'

Cassidy still likes to move decorations from one place to another. She also has a pink sleeping beauty decoration that has a new spot each day.
Also, i purchased a new nativity set especially for the kids. Aidan has broken most of the pieces in my old one because he always wants to play with it so I found that Fisher Price put out a Litttle People version. It is adorable and Liam plays with it constantly. So it will be something neat to put out for them every Christmas. The stable plays the song 'Away in a manger'

Friday, November 03, 2006

Aidan's Preschool Picture

We just got Aidan's school pictures back. Very exciting since this is his first ones ever! Aidan has a habit of closing his eyes when he smiles so we were thankful to see his eyes in this one!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

trick or treat

Even though it was 10 degress below normal and half a foot of snow outside, it didn't stop these brave trick or treaters from getting as much candy as they can carry. Aidan and Cassidy joined there cousins for a night of treats. They didn't go out for very long but managed to walk away with a huge stash for us. This was the first year in many years they had to ware skipants and winter boots. Liam unfortuantly didn't get part of the action. He stayed back at the house because of the cold. But he sure made himself known when the treats came out!

Aidan had a spirit day at school today. They asked the kids dress in a bible character or animal. Since I don't remember Superman being on Noah's ark, I quickly rummaged a costume together. His tail is what I am especially proud of. An old tank top stuff with toilet paper!

As for other news, after several years of Steve telling me we would get one of those super nice artificial trees, he finally did. After looking at trees at Canadian Tire, the one we liked was $300. We then go next door to Costco and they have one that is WAY nicer for $96. It is huge!! and so full. We set it up at home to make sure we didn't get suckered into buying crap but it is beautiful! Makes our old tree look pretty charlie brownish! It isn't decorated yet, i have to buy new decorations because it is so big and new lights. Those who know me, know I like to set up decorations on November 1st.