Saturday, April 25, 2009


Finally, Cassidy has no training wheels.
This seems like such a huge milestone. Aidan has been ripping around with no training wheels since he was 4. We worked with Cassidy last summer but she was just not confident enough. The other night, Steve and I went out to help her try and we became beyond frustrated with the whole situation and I didn't think she was ready. To my amazment, a minute later it just seemed to click and she was off.
Here are the kids biking in a nearby parking lot. Granny was here to join us (she is pushing Liam on his bike in the back of this photo.) The kids had Grandparents day at school and were so excited she came out for the celebration.





Cassidy also lost her first tooth yesterday. She lost it at school, we don't know where or how. She wrote a note to the tooth fairy last night since she had no tooth to put under her pillow.

As for some disapointing news, I think I will have to withdraw from the manitoba marathon this year. Nope, I am not injured. If anything I think I could crush my last years time. I have a wedding lined up for the day before, out of town and we could make it home if we drived through the night, but I have to be up by 5am the next morning so I would be going on an hour or two of sleep........I am trying to rack my brain, looking for a way to do both but I just don't think it is feasible this year. What a bummer! Steve suggested I go run a 'mock' marathon and buy myself a trophy with the entry fee money! I am not totally commited to the fact of giving it up this year, so we will see.

As for kitty, she is still kicking. She went last week for her first kitty check up and got her shots. We also trimmed her nails and after a good discussion with the vet, I have decided not to declaw but trim her nails regularly.
Anyways, I am off to shoot a large family this afternoon, hopefully the weather holds up. Its been a tad chilly this weekend. Starting this week and am completely booked up till the end of May, we don't even have a weekend free to Liam's birthday party. We probably will have a small party just with us on the evening of his birthday.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter and spring weather

Happy Belated Easter. I have started to blog several times in the last week but have been very easily here it goes again.
We have had a busy last few weeks. Our carpet was installed, wow what a difference!After much debate and shopping, we invested in a brand new 2009 Palomino Yearling Tent trailer. Now if anyone of you knew what we had camped in the last few years, you would agree it is an enormous upgrade. The 'green beast' had to be put to rest, Steve turned it into a utility trailer. Steve picked it up last week and once put in the garage, we now realize we need to clean out all our junk so the van can fit.
Easter weekend we headed to Boissevain to spend some time on the farm. We haven't been this way since Christmas and the kids have been asking to go. We brough Kailyn & Josh along with us, because Noah ended up back in the hospital.
As well, we brought our cat. The ride there was alot better then I thought. We had a busy filled weekend, Joel and Laura brought there crew over and Liam was extremely excited to see Maddy. He talks about Maddy all the time and becomes attached to her when they are together.


Story time with Auntie Laura.

Craft time with Auntie Laura.





IMG_3391 copyweb


To see more from easter click here
We arrived home to almost no snow. After a week of warm temperatures (hitting almost 20 degrees celcius) we have NO snow left. I have enjoyed breaking out the shorts and sandles and although today was a chilly day, we are relieved spring is finally here to stay.
Cassidy enjoyed a field trip to the childrens museum on tuesday and I got to come along. Tomorow I have a busy day with the trade show.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Come out and visit my booth at the....
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Monday, April 06, 2009

Winter Fair


Spring break is over! What a relief. I was very glad to send the kids back to school. Steve was off last week as well so it was nice to get back into normal schedule.

Last week we took a trip out to Brandon to enjoy the winter fair. These are a few of the animals. View HERE for more pics of the kids and the fair. I was super dark in the building so I got to experiment with crazy high iso speeds. (no flash/speedlight used in any of my fair photos) Besides a little grain in the photos, the 40D holds up quite well!



Thursday, April 02, 2009

My book is famous! Like I had mentioned a while ago, back on my photoblog, I had a book made by Photobook Canada.
I am offering these books in all my portrait packages as well as I had one created a while back for a display I had to put together. I also have a trade show coming up in a couple weeks so I knew something like this would come in handy.
A while back they asked for permission to use my book. Check out the book is on the first page! As well, scroll down the page to click on 'see our full promo here' or click on this link for more pictures.