Monday, April 30, 2007

Wow what a beautiful weekend!! We got up to +28 on saturday and I got a sunburn! Hard to believe it is still April. We picked up Steve late friday night. The kids were pretty tired once we got home. They loved watching the airplanes in the observation deck and playing on the airport play structure and of course eating Tim Hortons!
Saturday we took advantage of the warm weather. I went for a long run in the morning to try and beat the heat but it was already getting hot. We headed to the Zoo which was packed. I think everyone had the same idea we had! That evening we had Baba (Steve's Grandma) over for supper and we had a BBQ outside.

Sunday Aidan had his first soccer practise. He was very excited and ran and kicked non stop. He loved it and is excited to play a game tonight. This morning he got all dressed up cauze he wanted to practise, unfortuantly it started to rain. We have been told they are getting brand new uniforms as well. (he is modeling the current ones.) He will have games every monday and wensday till the end of June. I think it will be a good way to get rid of all his energy!
Steve has decided not to take all of May off for vacation, instead going to work a few days and taking some long weekends. I think this has something to do with someone quitting there or something and they need someone at certain times, I am not exactly sure. This way he will take some time off in summer as well. It didn't really matter since we weren't planning to do much except work on the house.

I think every weekend I have decided I am going to start potty training Liam on the following monday but it comes and I become lazy and decide not too. He has peed on the potty for me already but I have not officially started. Our lives are just so busy with the other two kids that I feel I can't find the time to focus on him. But with his second birthday fast approaching and the fact I know he is ready, I somehow need to motivate myself to start.

It is hard to believe he will be 2. His vocabulary is coming along, slowly but it is coming. He is at a point where he gets very frustrated if we can't understand him. He has also had a little growth spurt lately and finally is fitting some 18 month pants! He has defiantly been the shrimp of the family!

Friday, April 27, 2007

We survived!

Yes, the weekend is here and we will pick Steve up tonight at the airport. Amazingly enough, this time was easier then last but I am still very tired and need a break. We stayed busy the entire time and the fact that are weather has been very warm, (or hot I should say) made for alot more things to do. I made a list the start of the week with things to accomplish and must say I barely got half way through.
I broke down and bought Liam a new tricycle. I was going to wait for his birthday but since we have been going for bike rides everyday and he hates the stroller, I thought it would be a good idea. Liam LOVES it and it works great. It isn't the exact one I wanted but it is still a Radio Flyer. The reason I bought this one is because it is designed to fold up easy for storing and traveling. This I liked since it will probably be towed around alot. The price tag wasn't pretty but I liked it better then the cheaper plastic ones. Liam's favorite part is the fact I can lower the handle with one push of a button and he can push it around. He also likes to store his juice cup in the little trunk. The kids love when we park outside of the garage and let them ride around on there bikes.

As for other news, Aidan has his first soccer practise on sunday and game on monday. This will be interesting but I am sure he will enjoy it. I also finally registered Cassidy for preschool at a place only about a block away from us. I had been putting this off but heard it was filling up so I phoned and got her a spot this morning. It is monday, wensday and friday afternoons. It isnt a Christian facility which I would have loved but with the cost of Aidan's school, we had to look at a cheaper preschool option for her. She will be attending Christian school come kindergarten anyways. I would have prefer mornings but they were full. Aidan most likely will be attending school on monday and wensdays for full days and every second friday.

Monday, April 23, 2007

another monday is here. Again we had a beautiful weekend. The sun was shining and we had temperatures in the +20's. It was beautiful! So nice to break out the shorts and sandles. Friday was a windy day which made great weather for kite flying. We headed across the street to the park to play and fly some kites. Liam was supposed to be peeking through the hole for the picture too but we all know how long is attention span is. He isnt the best poser for pictures.

Saturday we did some last minute shopping for Steve's trip and we were able to head over to friends for supper. They are friends who too have moved from Brandon and they are living in the townhouses we lived for those two months before we had our house. The kids thought it was so neat to go back there and still talk about how much they loved the townhouses.

Sunday we put Steve on his plane to Calgary. The kids will be busy this week and I am sure we will find lots of things to do. As long as the kids don't get sick this time I think we will survive!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

I had to share Aidan's new pictures. They just had there spring pics at school and preschool graduation pics. I don't have the spring proofs yet but here is a sample of his grad ones. I think they are SO freakin adorable!!

Steve is off to Calgary on sunday so everyone please pray the kids and I stay healthy and the week passes quickly.

Monday, April 16, 2007

beautiful weekend

Another week here so quickly. The weekend seemed to fly by so fast. The weather has been incredible getting up to +18 or so. Saturday I headed out in the morning for my 6 miler and it ended up being the perfect time because it got really warm in the afternoon.

We also started the dreaded project of cleaning out the garage. The thing I love about this city is the fact you can put junk outside your door and people will pick it up. This is how we got rid of old dishwasher, washing maching and other pieces of furniture. So we started emptying out the garage and getting rid of the junk. I made up a ton of boxes for Value Village of clothes I don't ware and made some boxes of old kids clothes to give away. The garage is still not complete. It is a double and you would never guess but we need to make room for the van and our trailer to fit.

This weekend we also enjoyed many bike rides and walks with the kids as well as as play at the park. Liam really enjoyed the park since he is a little bigger this year and can climb on the play structure himself. I did a bit of yard wark and we also had a good visit with Baba and she took us for sunday lunch to mcdonalds.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring. . . .

Finally!!! It is warming up and we are in the clear for spring. The days have been beautiful and are only supposed to get nicer as the weekend comes.
Everyday this week the kids have enjoyed bike rides and playing in the back yard for hours. We have also thought up some new plans for the backyard. We are planning to rip up the exsisting part of the deck since it is old and ugly and create a nice patio area. This will give more playing space for the kids. But again it is one more project for Steven on his very long list. We still have a wee bit of snow on the grass and I am very anxious to see it melt so I can rake.

So I know I have told everyone I was starting to potty train a few weeks ago, but honestly have not started yet. It is a big commitment which has cauzed my to put it off but I am determined to start next week. I will be sure to update everyone on Liam's progress.
In other news, did everyone know that Delirious is coming to Winnipeg. Actually to Spring Church which is where Aidan is going to school right now on May 24. Steve and I both have seen them a couple times at Cornerstone Music Festival and also once in Minnesota. We bought tickets as Steve's birthday gift and mothers day (which both fall around the same time)
Since spring is here we have also been thinking of what we plan to do this summer. We hope to do more camping and have booked some spots already and we also hope that a trip to Calgary works out (with Steve's work) Steve's three weeks off vacation are starting in May and those times will be spent finishing house projects.
I forgot to mention before but we celebrated our first anniversary in Winnipeg. Hard to believe it has been one year already. It is amazing to see all God has done regards to Steve's job. We had no idea what was in store and this step of Faith defiantly paid off.
Winnipeg doesn't really feel like home but Brandon doesn't either. I honestly don't miss Brandon at all. My closest friend moved shortly after me far across the country so I don't have alot pulling me back there.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Belated Easter

We had a really neat Easter this year. I think it was because Aidan and Cassidy were old enough to really understand the Easter story. Aidan had been learning about it for a few weeks at school already and seem to come home each day and tell us more and more about the Easter story. He was incredibly fascinated by it (especially the earth quakes when Jesus died) and seemed to remember every small detail. It was a good reminder and refresher to us since I often seem to slide by Easter since we get so wrapped up in the chocolates, eggs and bunnies.
This morning when Aidan woke up he told me it wasn't Easter anymore and Jesus was alive and risen and lives in Heaven. I then asked where else he lived and he proclaims, in my heart. And then started telling Cassidy that Jesus was his best friend. The innocence and faith of a child can teach us all something. To see them get so excited over what they learned in sunday school is a great encouragment to us.
Saturday night we had Easter dinner with Steve's side of the family and the kids had a fun time playing dressup.

Sunday morning we had an easter egg hunt and gave a little lesson on the eggs meaning 'new life'
The kids enjoyed some treats in the easter baskets.

We also attended the Easter service at our church yesterday. All three services were packed and the service included baptism and child dedication. It was probably the most exciting baptism service I have ever experienced. We were very glad we stuck around this Easter to be in our own church.

I also think I forgot to mention that Aidan has been officially accepted into Calvin Christian school. We have paid his first two months tuition so there is no turning back now since it is non refundable.

Also, for any of you Blog lurkers, I urge you to check out my brothers blog. He has an awesome short devotional everyday. and it is great to read if you are short on time or need something quick in the morning. Just click on The Way of The Lord ministries.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Spring has Sprung

Bags are being unpacked and the laundry is being done. I really don't like getting back from being somewhere for a few days. I hate unpacking everyones stuff and doing all the dirty laundry and putting it all away. I really don't mind packing to go anywhere, it is the unpacking that i really don't enjoy.
We had a really good time at Granny and Grandpas farm. The kids spent the whole weekend playing with there cousins who they really need to see more often.
The girls seemed to go off and play with there girl things and the boys seem to always bust in on there party and make them cry. That was really the case for the entire weekend. Cassidy seemed to really clatch on to Kailyn and I noticed her new favorite thing to eat (for lunch, supper and now this morning breakfest) is jam on bread. Hmmm......wonder where she could have picked that up.
Friday we headed out in the afternoon, later then we wanted. Steve ended up getting home from work a little later then he wanted so the kids played outside while we waited. We had a nice sunny break in the afternoon.
When we got going the sun rolled away and basically stayed away the entire weekend giving us some rain and flurries. The kids still enjoyed playing outside in the mud and in the hottub.
Saturday we just hung out, painted some easter eggs with the kids.
Here is the finished creations.
I was dispointed to find a really muddy road smashing my hopes to go running outside. So I hit the treadmill, which is rather boring compared to the outdoors.
Sunday lunch we enjoyed a big easter lunch with Joel and Laura and the kids and the kids had an easter treat hunt and we stuffed ourselves with mini eggs. (If i saw one right now I may puke!) We then made the trek home and we brought Kailyn and Josh with us and dropped them off in La Salle at there home. Considering we had 5 kids for a 3 hour drive, they were all great. 2 slept the entire way and the other three talked quitely (or was it the easter treats they snuck that kept them so quiet?)

It is now monday morning, I noticed we have no milk or bread so I guess we will venture out to do a bit of grocery shopping

I have added an APRIL picture folder on the right hand side if you scroll down.