Monday, April 28, 2008

Hot weather and Snow

What a crazy few weeks we have had. I am so excited to see May right around the corner. May is always a busy month, we celebrate two birthdays in our family (daddy and Liam) plus mothers day. Soccer also begins in May and Cassidy just started gymnastics.
Our weather here has been so crazy! Last week we hit HIGH temperatures, I got sunburt and even started a good sandle tan. We even got our first thunderstorm for the year! Then thursday we had some wild winter system come through that dumped snow, sleet, hail and rain. Not much snow, it is already all gone but it was still a little depressing.
It is now back to sunny times and today should be a beautiful day! Warm enough to break out my capris and sandles again.

Over the weekend I went to the church woman's retreat. It was the first year I have gone and I quite enjoyed myself. They go to camp Cederwood which is up in Lac du Bonnet(which is more like resort then a camp) and we have lots of sessions, food, cool crafts and just hanging out. I am still trying to catch up on my sleep and feel very 'hung over' from being sleep deprived. Steve held up the fort here all weekend and everyone was still in good spirits when I got home.
Cassidy started gymnastics two weeks ago. She loves it, I am rather impressed at all the stuff they are learning. They don't allow the parents in the class (easier for kids to focus if we are not there) so I have yet to get any pictures. Next week we are allowed to watch. Cassidy is enjoying it much more then ballet.
Aidan starts soccer right away and that is always a big time commitment for us but I look forward to it and he is very anxious to get started.
Not much else is new here. I have quite a few photo shoots set up for the next few weeks, plus tons of yard work so I am sure I will keep rather busy. All of these overgrown flower beds are overwhelming and I don't know what to keep and what to chuck. The kids are excited to plant some vegtables this year.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

been a long time. . . .

I know it has been a very long time since I have posted. Mainly because blogger has been giving me problems and I don't feel like fighting with it. As well, I have been working on my other blog and have come to the conclusion that I need to create a good website for my photography, not this cheapo blog thing.
Life here is on fastfoward like usual. Not much free time here as we go from one place to another.
First of all I will give a little recap or our spring break. We didn't anywhere to far. The kids and I did some different things, museum, library etc... here they are with painted faces from the afternoon at the manitoba theater (they had an open house with activites for kids)

We then had Laura and the cousins Maddy, Olivia and Judah over for a sleepover. We enjoyed some play time at a park with them and for some reason my kids managed to get soaked and Laura's stayed dry
The end of the week we headed to some friends cottage and the kids had a blast. The temperatures were cold and it would have been nice to be warmer but we still enjoyed ourselves. I was happy to see lots of snow melted when we arrived home. I have to say I barely took any pictures when we were there, which is rather odd.

It was then back to real schedule. The kids were very ready to get back to school, and we were excited to see temperatures start to rise. Now the snow is gone and I am comfortable in sandles and capris. It is about time!

We have been spending every minute outside, I am a tad overwhelmed at the landscaping that needs to be done but terribly excited to start mowing grass!! We have lots of big plans for the yard and although I hated the layout, and the fact we aren't all fenced in, the bay is so quiet that I have no problem with the kids playing all over it.

It was VERY excited for the kids that after two long summers we were finally able to set our trampoline back up. They can not get enough of it.

That is about all that is new. The kids are still the same active self and I am so glad the weather is warm enough to send them outside. Liam's birthday is in a little over a month and I am starting to think about what we will do for him.
I am seeing more and more the changes with the kids before my eyes. Especially Cassidy. She spends hours in her room drawing, writing or doing her "homework" as she likes to say. She does very well with her words and letters and I can see what her strong point in school will be. She is working along Aidan with the Hooked on phonics and is doing excellent.
Cassidy is also growing like crazy. I can not keep clothes that fit her and unlike Liam (who is still wearing 18-24 months) she seems to need her drawers cleaned out constantly. I am defiantly going to have to shop for her for summer.
Liam on the other hand still fits all his 18 month summer clothes from last year.
Now my question for you blog readers, where do you find the time to blog anymore???