Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where do I begin? another fun filled, adventure packed week. This week brought the coldest temps yet. I think we have had an ongoing windchill warning for days now. Amazingly, we are adjusted to the cold and the thought of those HOT summer days are keeping me going. I am still running, although over the weekend when it reached -50 with the windchill I took the excuse to stay indoors!
Steve worked evenings last week. He hasn't worked evenings in forever and I forgot how nice it was that he doesn't anymore. Thankgoodness it was only a short few days he was covering for someone else. Yes, it was nice that he was home in the morning but I am SO wasted in the evenings. He will be home from work at 1pm today so that makes for a shorter day for us.
Between the kids two different schools and watching Nathan, my days are filled with alot of driving and running around. Yesterday I can't even count how many trips I made in and out of the house. Poor Liam has learned to go many days without a nap.
Aidan enjoyed a playdate at his school friends house last week for the morning and two other days of school. He was rather wound up all week anticipating the big party on saturday.

Yes, the party. Saturday morning we all went for breakfest to celebrate Aidan's birthday. My kids are good breakfest food eaters and it is always a cheap meal to go out for. Saturday was a VERY long morning for the kids. The counted down all day and finally the party started.

Aidan had 9 school friends and one cousin at his party. That made for 12 boys, and 1 girl. Poor Cassidy was a little out of her element.

They opened presents first.
Then was the Mad Science show. The saw experiments, black lights, fireworks, magic tricks and at the end made slime. Overall well worth the money and it kept the kids well entertained. Here are the kids all sitting and listening. Creating the slime. When the show was done, we had just enough time for some snacks and cake! Again, we
had a tornadoe cake. I think my second attempt turned out better.
The kids were then picked up and the party went by very fast! I would hire someone to do it again since it was so easy and there wasn't much clean up. Aidan's cousin Josh slept over and then sunday afternoon we headed to the Loewen's for some hottub time. My pictures are mostly steam because it was so cold out, but it felt so good!

I was thinking this morning that I would like to turn one of the bedrooms in the basement into a studio. That way I am not always putting up backdrops and taping them to my wall, but in order to do this I would need a good lighting system , so who knows. All just visions right now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I know it has been a while since I have done a real post and it was about time. Life here just has been on fastforward and finding the time to upload pictures to blogger world is time consumeing.

Over the weekend we began the celebrations for my first borns big day! I can not believe he turned 6.

Friday night Granny and Grandpa came over for the night and babysat the kids. Steve and I went on a date to Olive Garden. Thanx to gift certificates we enjoyed a huge meal and then went shopping afterwards.

Saturday we went tobogganing with the kids cousins Ashton and Julie and they came over for supper along with the rest of Steve's family and celebrated Aidan's birthday. We also enjoyed his tornadoe cake which I so lovingly created.

Monday was Aidan's offical birthday and he opened up his gift before school. We bought him a leapster game system with some games! He loves it!
We are now gearing up for Aidan's friend party. I will have 10 boys for sure (or more) on saturday afternoon for two hours. We are having a Mad Science party so the entertainment is taken care of. I just have to supply a cake. Aidan is very excited about haveing his cousin Josh sleep over as well and has already planning there evening together.

My new Canon Rebel XTI finally arrived last thursday. I have not shared my story about its long awaited arrival. You see, it was supposed to be there alot sooner but was lost, found and lost again in the mail. Long story short, I was very upset and spent many hours on the phone with DHL (whom I do not recommend) searching for my package. Meanwhile, the package was lost somewhere in Winnipeg but I had to talk to customer service in Vancouver. Terrible set up they have. In the end, it arrived and well worth the wait. The things this camera can do is way more then I am capeable but I am very excited to learn and work more on my manuel shooting. Yes, I must admit f stops, shutter speeds, apertures and all those other fancy camera terms have once scared me but I am forcing my self to become a pro at them all. I would love to take some courses someday.

Here is a sample of some of my latest pictures. Someone told me recently that I should be stamping them for copyright reasons, I didn't feel the need because I am no pro but I have started anyways. Hopefully the pictures show up, I have been haveing problems with blogger showing my pictures lately.

My poor kids defiantly are patient with me and my photo sessions!

Monday, January 14, 2008


I can't believe you are 6 years old already!

More pics and a longer post to come with lots of new pictures from my new camera which I am lovin!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

One more day till school starts! I remember dreading this day as a kid but I am so excited for this day now as an adult! Aidan is getting very bored at home and even though I have kept him busy as much as I could, he is still very ready to go back to school.
Last week seemed to fly by very quickly. I drove out to Boissevain with just the kids and Steve stayed here because of work. It would have been a very long week if I didn't get them out of the house.
Granny had the few days we were there packed with things to do. When we arrived we had hoped to go to Lake Aidan to skate and tobogan but the wind was so terrible. Grandpa still gave the kids a sled ride behind the snowmobile along with there cousins Maddy and Olivia.

We then headed into town where we went to the Wildlife museum for the first time ever. The kids thought it was pretty neat.

Then a stop at the train museum which was a hit especially with Aidan. Who know there were things like this in good old Boissevain.

The next day started with an early morning dip in the hot tub, although when you have Aidan, Cassidy and Liam in a hot tub there is no time for relaxing since they instantly turn it into a swimming pool, complete with diving board.

Granny then had arranged for the kids to go visit the neighbors farm. Granny and Grandpa live on a grain farm, and the neighbors have all kinds of animals so this was pretty new for the kids to see. The enjoyed a tractor ride and got to feed all the animals. Cassidy was quite taken with the cats and couldn't get enough of them. I would love to get her a kitten of her own but Aidan is allergic.

We headed home on friday night and I am now still trying to get the house back in order before regular schedule starts tomorow. Aidan's birthday is in a little over a week and we have grandparents comeing in on the weekend, along with a party the following week for his school friends. I am sure January will fly by like any other month. As much as it is hard to think about a birthday right after Christmas, I do love that we have something to focus on to get us through the month of January. I always said, once we are through January, Febuaury is a short month and then we are almost to spring.

And for some last great news, these pictures were the last pictures taken from my old camera, which I said goodbye to the other day. I had a phone call that my camera will arrive tomorow!!