Thursday, March 30, 2006

Monday, March 27, 2006

bought a house!

As of today, we are all moved out of our house! It was a crazy weekend, but we were able to get the house cleaned and handed over the keys this morning to our renters. We were quite overwhelmed with the amount of stuff we had.
We also are happy to report we bought a house! We made an offer last weekend, and after a counter, we came to an agreement. Only Steve has been in the house, I have only seen pictures. We will have the house for a few weeks before we move in so we will be able to rip out carpets, paint and do a bunch of other stuff to it that Steve promised would be done before we moved in. The house was not anything we had in mind, but the price was right so we couldn't pass it up. The house is located on Munroe Avenue in the East Kildonan area.
Aidan also lost something this weekend, a tooth. After several days of complaining over a tooth he recently had filled, we took him to the dentist and the tooth was so bad it had to be pulled. Aidan did great and is excited to put his tooth under his pillow for the toothfairy!
I will post pics of the new house once I have access to my computer, which is packed right now!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

almost crawling and moving out!

I am proud to announce that Liam is finally trying to move around. He can 'scoot' or 'slide' himself around from one place to another now and is trying to pull up on to things.
as well, this is our move out weekend. Steve managed to find a huge 3 bedroom townhouse in the Windsor Park area of Winnipeg that we will most likely move into until we can find a house. We will have posession of that on April 1 so I will spend a few days at my parents before moving in. We plan to take the bare minimums and store most of our belongings, and then when we find a house, we will make the move into it. The hunt for houses is still on but as the season rolls into spring, the market is getting hotter and moving a little too fast for us. So please pray that we find something that will meet our needs and that we won't have to pay a crazy amount for it.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

no home yet. . .

I am sorry to say that we have yet to buy a house. Steve made an offer this morning but the people went out and renting the house, yet forgot to inform our realitor about the appointment for Steve and him to view it this morning. Really weird, we are frustrated because it is back to the drawing board and it means I won't be joining Steve in the city for quite a while, or until we can find something else.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

my new chair!

This is my new high chair. Mommy searched high and low for a antique wooden high chair and finally hit the jack pot and found one the other day for a great price! I like it. It has alot more room then my other chair. I think my mommy loves me alot!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

almost gone. . .

Today it is saturday and Steve leaves For Winnipeg on monday and works his first shift. We are excited that the time has finally come but still very nervous with the process ahead. You see, we have yet to buy a house in the city. Mainly because our funds have not arrived yet. They are arriving this week and Steve hopes to make an offer on Tuesday on a house. Although it wasn't as big and exactly what we wanted, it is empty, which allows for quick posession and means we can possibly be living in the city in a couple of weeks. The house has some cosmetic work to do, bringing it out of the "80's" you could say. Our renters move into our house on March 27, so the kids and I may be homeless for a couple weeks until all the financing and paper work goes through for the house. We will probably find shelter over at Granny and Grandpas since they are back in after the fire. In the mean time, Steve will be living Sherry and Denis's place (sister and brother in law) . I just hope they don't get sick of him and throw him out! I will post later this week about the house and whether we got it or not. So please, everyone pray that this offer is accepted and the whole process can be fast and we can have a home quick!
Meanwhile, Steve has been busy saying goodbye to everyone before he leaves, and last thursday his Youth For Christ drop in kids held him a surprise going away party. It was lots of fun and we all enjoyed the gifts, food and fellowship. Since I have a couple more weeks here myself, the reality of the move has yet to sink in.

yummy. . .

Liam enjoying some pizza!

my little man

just hanging out

Cassidy and Liam having fun! Cassidy is modeling her easter dress! She loves to twirl around like a princess.


Painting a masterpiece. . .

Friday, March 10, 2006

i love my truck. . .

Aidan and his truck.

Bath Time!

Liam enjoying his bath time! He loves the bubbles!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

cookie monster!

Liam is enjoying his fav thing to eat! Cookies!! he has resorted to sitting on the table since every other space is stacked high with boxes! Liam is proud to share that he has added a new word to his vocabulary "momma"

icicles, snuggles and sleds!

This morning we awoke to some freezing rain. The kids were amazed with the long icicles that were hanging from the house!

Snuggle time with Daddy!
The kids have been playing outside again since the weather is getting milder. They are having fun sledding down a small hill there daddy built them in the back yard.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

March is here!

March is finally here. We are now spending our days packing and getting the house ready for the renters. Steve starts his new job in less then 2 weeks, but we aren't sure when will be joining him in the city. Liam turned 9 months just the other day. Nope, no crawling yet. He loves to babble (da da is his favorite word) and pulls himself around on the ground a bit. He is a litte goof ball and is always trying to get our attention!

The kids are having fun playing in all our packing boxes. They think this is a big adventure. Cassidy did get a little too comfy in a box and feel asleep this afternoon